OMG totally just met this awesome dude from England who showed me all this awesome music and I think I’m in love with him for it
Not like in love but yeah holy crap some good stuff
And why are they all fucking stoners


If you ever said you missed me then don’t say you never lied;

I’m without you.

I want a guy like Lloyd Dobler holding a boombox up to my window :(

That is literally so perfect jkajshfjkadfan and I saw this post of a guy asking this girl to prom DOING THAT I WOULD CRY ALL OVER AND SAY YES 72354287524 BILLION TIMES AND KISS HIM

why am i single tho

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night
Missing people who may or may not exist
It could have just been from the dream I already forgot I had. But all I’m left with are Nose bleeds
Warm pillowcases
And Alarm clocks
The right side is still empty
Come join me

Before I go

I don’t miss you anymore
I don’t even care to carry on our conversations
I swear it’s a miracle

I’ve got this feeling in my blood that I want more
This ain’t enough
A girlfriend, a movie
A slow dance, and straight teeth

Some candle lit forced sentiment
I’m bored to tears, You’re amorous
So please pass the regret
It tastes good on thick skin

I’m so sick of waiting around for you
Are you here?
Do you even exist?
Times like these I wish I knew.

I am free

I’ve been waking up differently in heavy delusions
I try to focus on the music rather than a ringing alarm
But I’ve got new problems now
As I wait for normalcy to return to my bed.

Why is it so difficult to wear scars proudly?